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ALERT: Bobcat and Mountain Lion Sightings in CPN

A number of Castle Pines North residents recently reported seeing, mountain lions, bobcats, and possibly lynx in their backyards.

Much of Colorado is prime mountain lion, bobcat and lynx country, and CPN lies right in the middle of it.

Mountain lions are usually tawny to light-cinnamon in color with black-tipped ears and tail. They vary in size and weight, but can be more than 8-feet in length and can weigh about 150 pounds.

Bobcats and Lynx are very similar looking, but the bobcat is slightly smaller than the lynx and has reddish fur rather than grayish. It also has more prominent spots. Both are about three feet long and weigh about 20-30 pounds. The bobcat’s tail is also relatively longer than the lynx.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife offers these simple precautions to avoid confrontation with these animals:

Make lots of noise if you come and go during the times the animals are most active – from dusk to dawn.

Install outside lighting.

Closely supervise children whenever they play outdoors.

Landscape or remove vegetation to eliminate hiding places for the animals.

Plant non-native shrubs and plants that deer DO NOT like to eat.

Keep your pets under control – roaming pets are easy prey.

Don’t feed any wildlife.

Store all garbage securely.

Remember, we live among wildlife and they were here before us! So, we need to respect them and use caution.

For more information about wildlife in Colorado, visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife website at



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