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BRE second-graders read to the top dog

By Kathy Fallert; photo courtesy of Corin Meibos

Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) Principal John Veit made some meeting time with Terra Shaffner’s second-grade class on Monday, February 5. Veit happened to be in Schaffner’s classroom when the students were working on a writing piece about birthdays and talked to some of the kids about their drafts.

Veit invited the kids to share their finished pieces with him and remarked, “Somehow it came up for them to ‘skip on down to the office’ to read them to me, and they did. The students used Thinking Maps to organize their thoughts prior to writing. It is so great to see the kids’ excitement to share their writing. The fact that every student from the class wanted to read their work shows how proud they are of what they are doing!”



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