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Buffalo Ridge ‘Dream Team’ supports Children’s Hospital

Fifth grade Dream Team members and their leaders, Jennifer Jacoway (back left) and Jolie Pinke (back right) load up packages to deliver to kids at Children’s Hospital for the holidays.

Article and photo by Elean Gersack

The Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) Dream Team put their heads together and opened their hearts for sick kids at Children’s Hospital this holiday season.

The Dream Team is comprised of 25 fifth grade student leaders and role models and is guided by first grade teacher, Jennifer Jacoway and fourth grade teacher, Jolie Pinke.

A large part of the Dream Team’s creed is to give back to others. “We feel it’s important for students to have opportunities to build BRE school spirit, be a part of hands-on community service projects, and to work with peers outside the classroom,” said Jacoway and Pinke.

In November, the Dream Team students started brainstorming a holiday service project. The students settled on creating gift bags for sick children who were unable to be home to celebrate the holidays. “We wanted to help make their holidays happy. Doing something for your school is one thing, but elsewhere is bigger,” said Lauren, Dream Team Member.

Feeling fortunate for her own health, Dream Team member Julia expressed her gratitude for not being sick and for being able to be at home with her family for the holidays.

With little more than age ranges to go on, students creatively thought up fun ideas for the five to eleven year-old kids at Children’s Hospital. Using past experience and current fads, they included games like the Rubik’s Cube and toys like Bakugans. They also included dolls, books, and many homemade items.

Due to H1N1, the students were unable to deliver the gift bags personally, but Pinke and Jacoway delivered on their behalf. In April, when the quarantine is lifted, the entire group will make a special visit and spread good cheer to the children.

Pinke and Jacoway hope the students have gained an understanding of volunteerism and teamwork and appreciate the value of their hard work and time. To sum it all up, one Dream Team member, Caroline, put it simply, “what comes around goes around”.



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