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Castle Pines community rallies to support firefighters; neighbors

The recent Waldo Canyon fire hit especially close to home for many area residents. The power of social media and the generosity of residents resulted in this show of support for local firefighters.

By Amy Shanahan, photo courtesy of Erin Moroni

“To give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own.”  — Anne Morrow Lindberg

The Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs sparked many emotions in residents of Castle Pines and the surrounding areas. The close proximity, smoky grey sky, and the smell of burning were daily reminders of the devastation taking place so close to home.

Surrey Ridge resident Valerie Miller was inspired to take action to help the firefighters and victims of the fire after witnessing the extensive media coverage. Her friends at Nourish Family Center planned to make a delivery of much needed food, water, and toiletries to Colorado Springs, and Miller knew she could help. Miller sent an e-mail to her neighbors in Surrey Ridge and posted on Facebook. She offered to make the rounds to pick items up off of the front porches of anyone who wished to donate.

Within three days, she had made three rounds of collections and twice filled the back of her pick up truck to capacity! “I know that I live in a really caring community and thought I could help by doing the legwork,” Miller remarked. “The thanks goes to all who care so much and who donated.” In addition to all of the tangible items, Miller collected $375 from friends and neighbors, which she used to purchase additional toiletry items.

Castle Pines Village resident Stacie Chadwick received the news that her brother-in-law, who is a firefighter, would be leaving to help fight the fire. Chadwick wanted to lend him her support by following him to Colorado Springs with donations of water bottles, Gatorades, and snacks for the firefighters. Her request for donations met with unbelievable support from neighbors throughout Castle Pines and Castle Rock!

Chadwick sent out an e-mail request and a Facebook post on Wednesday morning, asking for donations to be dropped off at her home and the home of a friend. Another friend sent an e-mail to her husband’s patients to collect donations at his dental practice in downtown Castle Rock. A third friend sent out an e-mail and a Facebook note to collect donations at her husband’s liquor store at Wildcat Wine and Spirits in Highlands Ranch.

Forty-eight hours later, Chadwick was on her way to Colorado Springs with a large SUV and an 8′ x 6′ foot truck fully loaded from ceiling to floor with donations for the firefighters.

“The generosity of the Castle Pines, Castle Rock, and Castle Pines Village residents was amazing!” remarked Chadwick.



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