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Castle Rock bead shop keeps the art of beading alive

Nancy Brown is the owner of Sparkles Bead Company in downtown Castle Rock. The shop hosts classes, birthday parties for kids, and girl’s night out.

Article and photo by Elean Gersack

Nancy Brown loves beads and she loves people. That much is clear. This past December, she opened Sparkles Bead Company (Sparkles) in downtown Castle Rock and has been all smiles ever since.

Brown welcomes beading experts and novices to her shop and will readily jump in to help with a project or cheer from the sideline. “It’s not as hard as people think – it’s really fun!” said Brown. Tables and tools are always available at no cost, as Brown loves having people around showing off pieces.

Sparkles boasts an expansive collection of Miyuki beads in all shapes and sizes, colored hemp cord, Swarovski beads, as well as many other loose beads and pre-made items like hair clips and brooches.

Beading spans from the simple necklace or bracelet to embellishing existing items, such as fringe for lamps, clothing, or tapestry. “The possibilities are endless,” grins Brown. As a figure skater herself, Brown especially loves to glam up skating uniforms and hairpieces for other skaters.

Sparkles hosts several classes each month and welcomes birthday parties for children seven to 12, and girl’s night out gatherings. On March 15, Brown will host a “bling-it-up” class at 6 p.m. Customers can bring in something to adorn with flat back Swarovski beads, such as a cell phone case, purse or shoes.

Sparkles Bead Company is located at 207 5th Street in Castle Rock just west of Castle Rock Bank. The shop is open from Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit or call Nancy at 303-663-2323.



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