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Celebrating science at DCSM

Connor Jones with his flashlight display discovered which battery lasted the longest at the DCSM Science Fair.

Article by Jodi Anderson with photos courtesy of DCSM

What happens when you get a large group of preteens excited about science and turn them loose with a hypothesis to prove? You get the recent DCS Montessori (DCSM) Science Fair, of course!

A gymnasium filled with bright minds eager to prove, or disprove, their scientific question to anyone who wants to learn … now, that’s my idea of high energy. As observers visited different exhibits, they could learn about anything from electrical currents to why highlighter pen fluid glows in the dark. It was not only educational, but fun for the younger students who were able to visit the science fair exhibits created and manned by their student friends.

One DCSM student, Connor Jones, started with a question; “Which brand of battery really lasts the longest?” With his unique and well-crafted exhibit, he showed the process he used to prove to observers which one outlasted the others. When asked why he became involved, Jones remarked, “It was an assignment, but I also like science!”

The creativity and research exhibited in this year’s school science fair was far beyond what was available when this writer was in elementary school. And, yes, I remind my children, we did have electricity when I was a kid; well, sort of.

After having the opportunity to tour the displays and talk to many of the participants, I found that teachers, staff, parents, and students are already planning ahead to next year. We’ll hope to see you there!

The DCSM Science Fair was held on February 29 in the school’s gymnasium.



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