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Centennial Airport community noise roundtable invites public input

Information provided by Douglas County

Centennial Airport recently completed a Part 150 Study, which included 12 recommendations for noise mitigation. One of the recommendations was the formation of a community roundtable to address the noise impact of Centennial Airport traffic on communities surrounding the airport.

The roundtable has the charge to discover possible noise mitigation actions, find opportunities for implementation, and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation. Members of the public wishing to address the Roundtable will be asked to add their names to a sign-up sheet and each person will be able to speak for three minutes.

“The noise roundtable is an interactive forum for members of surrounding communities to have their noise concerns addressed through a formal process,” said Paul Rosenberg, roundtable chairman. “We are excited about the formation of this roundtable and expect that it will improve the communication between the numerous stakeholders including the community, airport users, FAA, and the Airport Authority.”

During the past six months, the roundtable has been in the development phase and will begin addressing noise concerns with the first public work program in January.

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