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City annexes new gateway property

The Castle Pines City Council approved annexation of Sage Village Properties at the northwest corner of Castle Pines Parkway and I-25 at the July 26 meeting.  These graphics show possible gateway improvements that Council is considering at the location.

By Kathy Fallert; photos courtesy of the City of Castle Pines

On July 26, the City Council of Castle Pines officially approved the annexation of property known as the Sage Village Properties from Douglas County Estate Residential District to the City of Castle Pines Business District.  The location of the property at the northwest corner of Castle Pines Parkway and I-25 will serve as a gateway to the Castle Pines community.

The four-step annexation process began on February 9 of this year when the City Council determined the annexation petition contained the minimum requirements as stipulated by the Municipal Annexation Act of 1965.  On April 12, the Council determined the proposed annexation met state law requirements for annexation, which also included a Public Eligibility Hearing.  On July 26, the City Council approved the actual annexation of the property.  The final step that needed to be performed within 90 days of annexation was considered in conjunction with the annexation.  This action zones the property to bring it into conformance with the City of Castle Pines zoning classifications.  A public hearing was also held at the July 26 meeting as part of this process.

Slides were shown at the July meeting indicating possible development that could occur on the site.  Graphic images of what potential gateway signs and landscaping might look like were presented, as well as possible commercial development concepts.  Design guidelines and parking access were discussed as well.

Mayor Jeff Huff commented, “Since the property was strategically located at the entrance to Castle Pines from I-25, it was important for the land to be annexed into the city.  Future city gateway improvements will be made along the eastern and southern edges of the property, and the owner is interested in seeing the property developed with those improvements in mind.  The annexation agreement provides some very specific benefits to the city, and we anticipate future development to bring additional retail and entertainment business to the local community.”



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