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Future City Hall

Council approves property subdivision; future City Hall site

By Terri Wiebold; graphic provided by the City of Castle Pines

Future city hall graphic

Castle Pines City Council unanimously passed Resolution No. 20-12, subdividing the Lagae Family Trust property located at the southwest corner of Lagae Road and Castle Pines Parkway. The vote came following City staff’s recommendation and public comment at the May 26 virtual Council meeting.

The 10.33-acre parcel will be divided into six lots ranging from .75 acres to 1.9 acres. The lots will remain a Business Zone District designation, which allows for retail, office and commercial land uses. The lots will be available for future sale and development, and the tract between the lots will be utilized for drainage.

The site will have two points of vehicle access – one off Castle Pines Parkway to the north, constructed as a left/right turn in and right turn out; the other off Lagae Road to the east, constructed as a right turn in and right turn out. The subdivision will also be accessible via a sidewalk from the southwest and will connect with the sidewalk on Castle Pines Parkway.

According to City Community Development Manager Sam Bishop, the exact configuration and design of the site will be done on a lot-by-lot basis, and future development of the property is subject to additional land use approvals. The city clerk will notice all public meetings.

Future City Hall and Recreation Center
Also at the May 26 meeting, City Council passed Resolution No. 20-11, ratifying and approving an executed professional services agreement with Wember Inc. for $179,033 to assist with architectural design, engineering and construction of a new City Hall.

According to City Manager Michael Penny, “The intent is to construct a City Hall facility that will meet the current and future needs of the municipal government and its ability to provide community services.” Through a public private partnership agreement, two of the subdivided lots from the Lagae Family Trust (lots 2 and 4 pictured above) will be given to the City – one for the new City Hall building and one for a potential recreation center, stated Penny. Per the agreement, the city will receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the remaining lots for site improvements and building costs of a City Hall. Preliminary construction estimates ranged between $4 million and $5.5 million.

Earlier in the meeting study session, Council committed to public outreach to determine the overall community interest in a recreation center, what that might look like and anticipated costs. Depending on the results, the City may then explore the potential for a vote to determine a tax option to pay for a recreation center. Council cannot increase taxes without a vote of approval from its citizens.

Both resolutions raised questions during the public comment portion of the meeting. To watch the recorded City Council meeting or to view any of the documents pertaining to the resolutions, visit To sign up to receive future City Council agenda notifications, visit To contact your City Council representative, visit



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