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City files application for wildfire mitigation assistance

This information has been provided by the City of Castle Pines North.

In a collaborative effort with the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority, the City of Castle Pines North is submitting an application for Community Wildfire Protection Plan assistance and funding from the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP). CUSP provides financial assistance to entities seeking to implement wildfire prevention strategies contained in a current Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

During finalization of Castle Pines North’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan last year, community leaders and stakeholders within Castle Pines North identified priorities for wildfire management within our borders.

If the grant application is approved, plans will be made to proceed with fire mitigation efforts in the area that borders the west side of the Retreat on the North/West corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard, two of the priority areas identified in CPN’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

The proposed fire mitigation site will act as a demonstration site for residents to view a positive example of how to protect our community against the spread of wild fire, support wildlife and remain beautiful open spaces in our community. At the October 12 City Council Meeting, the City Council unanimously approved a Resolution in support of the grant application submission.

Council member Kim Hoffman, who has spearheaded wildfire mitigation and preparedness efforts on behalf of Castle Pines North for the past 4 years, with many Safety Taskforce volunteers, appreciates the relationship built with Einar Jensen at South Metro Fire Rescue. Council member Hoffman said, “Opportunities like this don’t come often and the fact that Einar chose to help CPN with this valuable effort is a true testimate to the relationship. I want to thank the City of Castle Pines North for their leadership role with this proposed project and if granted, will be a joint effort with the Retreat HOA, homeowners and the Metro District open space. I would like to thank Barb Saenger, a Pine Ridge resident, who set the stage for CPN to be regional leaders in the effort to prepare for wild fires. She secured a grant used to mitigate the open space behind the Pine Ridge Community; and, now the residents maintain the mitigation with a volunteer day each year.”



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