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City Implements New License Fees

by Lane Roberts

On December 19, 2008, the City of Castle Pines North (CPN) announced a new business and contractor licensing program.

Businesses who conduct activities within CPN were originally required obtain the appropriate license(s) by January 1, 2009. According to City License Office Patrick Howell, the deadline was extended to February 1.

“To date we have received about 80 of the 130 known businesses in Castle Pines North,” said Howell. “Considering businesses only had about two weeks notice to obtain a license, we extended the deadline to February 1.” After February 1, however, Howell said a 15 percent license late fee will apply.

The city requires more than 18 types of license fees ranging from the standard business license of $50 to a contractor’s Class A license of $250. Application fees also apply.

Regardless of where a business is located, anyone operating within the boundaries of CPN must obtain a business license prior to working in the city.

Contact Patrick Howell at 303-705-0216 for more information or visit



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