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City Looks at Office Potential in Metro District Building

Castle Pines North Metro District Building

by Lisa Crockett

The City of Castle Pines North (CPN) is working toward finding a permanent home for its offices in the CPN Metro District Building, located at 7404 Yorkshire Drive. The arrangement would allow for both entities (the city and the metro district) to provide services in one convenient location.

“The fact that the city can use some of the available space in the community center for offices saves the city money and provides more efficiency and cost savings for both entities through a combined sharing of staff, equipment, and space,” said CPN Mayor Maureen Shul.

As of press time, plans were still in the early stages, but space in the Metro Building would likely house the office of the city manager, as well as a reception area where interested parties could obtain city information. There would also likely be room for city officials to hold meetings. The exact location within the building for city offices has not yet been determined.

City planning offices will continue to be housed in the Village Square Shopping Center, where they have been located for nearly a year.



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