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City of Castle Pines restaurants get financial relief

By Carin R. Kirkegaard

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Restaurant owners in the City of Castle Pines were pleased to receive financial reimbursement for losses they experienced due to recent water issues in the community.

In June, the Water Quality Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment issued a Boil Water Advisory to the Castle Pines North Metro District and its customers. Faced with a list of required procedures and precautions that businesses would need to follow in order to remain operational during the advisory, many closed temporarily.

City of Castle Pines leaders implemented a process for local businesses to recoup losses from the closures, providing $90,000 of financial assistance to those businesses impacted.

“During a year already marked by historic health challenges, Castle Pines once again met this new concern with an overwhelming spirit of community and a deep desire to be a good neighbor,” stated Castle Pines City Councilmember Roger Hudson in a press release. “I am proud that our City is able to support our local businesses by helping to backfill a portion of their financial losses … our community is fortunate to be rich in both fiscal responsibility and good intentions.”

Owner of Las Fajitas Mexican Restaurant, Alberto Granados, responded to the City’s compensation by stating, “I appreciate all you do for the Castle Pines businesses, especially after coming out of the pandemic.”

And Granados was not alone.

“What the City is doing and has done to keep us all from failing is without a doubt unprecedented,” agreed Pino’s Italian Kitchen & Bar owner Joe Sabia. “I’m forever thankful.”

Neal Minarick, owner of Duke’s Steakhouse concurred. “The City has really come through for its businesses; I am impressed and grateful. They have ensured that the restaurants here have the opportunity to continue to provide the great product and service the people of this City deserve.”



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