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Classic wheels passed down through generations

Article and photos by Lynn Zahorik

Photo of Mark Clingman and 1929 Ford

Mark Clingman enjoys sharing his great-grandfather’s 1929 Ford Model A with his son, Chase. They take every opportunity to hit the road together in the classic car that captured the hearts and attention of American drivers in the late 1920s.

When the Clingman family heads out for a spin in their 1929 Ford Model A, they often get a lot of stares. Mark, the proud owner of the heralded Henry Ford classic, appreciates all of the attention the car receives and the memories it evokes. It’s not often one gets to see a car that is nearly 100 years old.

The Clingman Model A has been passed down through four generations. The original owner was Great-Grandfather James, who was a homesteader in Jay Em, Wyoming. He purchased the car in 1929 for $549. He owned it until he died and then passed the car down to Grandpa Roy who passed it down to Stuart, Mark’s dad. Though he always wanted to fix up the Model A, Stuart never had the time or money. It sat in a friend’s field for 20 years and sadly, slowly rotted away. When Mark’s mom and dad died, the seven children took some of the money from the estate and restored the car. A beloved symbol of their heritage, the Model A now has its own trailer and is shared amongst family members in Wyoming, Colorado and California.

Photo of Mark Clingman enjoys sharing his great-grandfather’s 1929 Ford

1929 Ford

The Clingman Ford Model A is a beauty. It sports whitewall Firestone tires with Ford scripted hubcaps. It has the original flathead four cylinder engine, and the motor is rated at 45 horsepower. It has a hand crank and a nickel-plated instrument panel with an exterior luggage rack.

Residents of the Castle Pines Beverly Hills neighborhood for five years, Mark and his wife, Carolyn, and their son Chase, relish their time together behind the wheel of the Model A. “My son thinks the car is the best thing and is learning to drive it,” said Mark. “He really likes it when people wave and smile as they encounter our car or stop to take photos.” Already a pro at maneuvering the car around the neighborhood, 11-year-old Chase is eager to share facts that he has learned from his dad about their treasured 1929 Ford.

“My favorite part of the Model A is the sound of the engine and the blare of the horn,” said Chase. And with that, he fired up the engine and tooted the horn for all to enjoy – AHOOOGA!



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