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Outstanding grad who loves the outdoors

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photos courtesy of Rachel Powner

Photo of Rachel Powner

Rachel Powner is looking forward to starting her job with Lockheed Martin Space in the subcontracts divisions.

A Rock Canyon High School alumnus and recent CSU graduate, Rachel Powner is looking forward to starting her job with Lockheed Martin Space in the subcontracts divisions.

Her area of specialty, supply chain management is a hot topic right now. Consumers have seen empty shelves in the past few months, not fully understanding all of the steps that go into delivering a product. Powner said the lack of products highlights what supply chain is and the importance behind it. Her confidence in her academic program grew with her experience, and she assisted in planning career events for her peers, was president of the supply chain club and was a member of the Sonny Lubick leadership seminars.

“I really enjoy how I can use my analytical and people skills equally. It is always important to back yourself with data-driven facts, but it’s also so important to be able to communicate the findings clearly,” commented Powner.

Powner encourages college-bound students to get involved by joining clubs and organizations as well as visiting faculty members for more than just office hours to get to know them. Powner said to never be afraid to approach upperclassmen to ask questions. Advocating for yourself, Powner said, is very important.

“I worked in the management department my senior year and that was a great way to learn more about the faculty members. They are great connections to have and have helped me through many situations both with my career and life,” Powner said.

Photo of Rachel Powner holds a fish she caught

Rachel Powner holds a fish she caught while fly fishing on the Eagle River.

Internships were also a helpful way for Powner to get hands-on experience and she highly recommends them. “You can only learn so much in the classroom. I was very lucky to have great managers and co-workers who took the time to thoroughly explain tasks to me. I was surprised at how helpful everyone I encountered was and how they truly wanted to help me succeed,” Powner added.

Powner and her family moved to Castle Pines in 2001 and they enjoy being outdoors together, fly fishing and hiking.

“My family is a big reason why I fly fish. My dad has been fly fishing and tying his own flies for years. It’s an activity that we do as a family. It’s a great way to get outside and stay active and connected and enjoy the great Colorado outdoors. I value the peaceful yet technical aspects of fly fishing. It is very calming to be on the stream but you also have to be very aware of where fish are at and what bugs they are eating. It’s a perfect balance,” Powner said. A goal for the summer is to hike a 14er.

“There are so many great opportunities and people in the world, so get out there,” Powner exclaimed.



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