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Commission postpones first vote on pickleball courts

Photo of proposed Coyote Ridge Park pickleball courts

Coyote Ridge Park pickleball courts: Planning commission voted April 28 to postpone a vote on a location and extent plan submitted by the Castle Pines North Metro District. The one-month delay will give time for adjacent HOAs to provide comments and submit questions about the project.

The first step toward approval of pickleball courts in Coyote Ridge Park was delayed to give adjacent homeowners a chance to comment on the project.

The City of Castle Pines Planning Commission voted 6-1 on April 28 to postpone a vote to replace the existing skate park in Coyote Ridge Park with five pickleball courts to include stadium lighting. The plans also include picnic shelters and benches in the initial phase.

The Commission decided to delay the vote on a “location and extent” plan, a process required by Douglas County to review construction plans. As of press time, the Commissioners’ next meeting was scheduled for 6 p.m. on May 26. That extra time would hopefully give the Castle Pines North Metro District (CPNMD) time to solicit feedback from the homeowner associations representing those who live in the North Lynx and Hidden Pointe neighborhoods.

CPNMD, which owns Coyote Ridge Park, proposed the idea last year and commissioned the design of new pickleball courts. The Commission expressed concerns that nearby homeowner associations and residents were not given an opportunity to learn more about the park revamp and ask questions.

Sam Bishop, community development director for the City of Castle Pines, expressed concerns about potential impacts from the four 50-foot stadium light towers proposed to illuminate the courts in the 40-acre park.

A City consultant examined the request for the lights and deemed them standard for pickleball, and did not have concerns. Carol Henry, landscape architect and principal at Design Concepts, which designed the plan, said during the meeting that the lights would have shields that prevent them from casting light onto areas other than the pickleball courts.

The proposed hours for play are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the months of April through October, and 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. from November through March at the proposed Coyote Ridge Park site.

State statutes require that development plans submitted by public taxing entities such as CPNMD to be expedited and considered within 30 days of submittal, a point that further raised issue from City of Castle Pines staff.

“If this were any other application, it would have been referred to the adjacent HOAs and some other entities for some type of [citizen] engagement or some type of notification,” Bishop said. “I think some of these features may be of concern to the local adjacent HOAs.”

Some members of the Commission also requested clarification on the timing and location of the construction of a new skatepark to replace the one that could be torn down at Coyote Ridge Park. CPNMD has said the construction of a new skatepark will occur in later phases.

CPNMD is expected to provide the Commission with a written summary of comments and responses prior to submitting its final location and extent plan to the City.

Overall, residents have expressed support for pickleball facilities in the City of Castle Pines. The City’s parks and recreation advisory board is also exploring potential sites for eight additional pickleball courts.

By Chris Michlewicz; rendering by Design Concepts




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