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Community parks and recreation funding

By Terri Wiebold

Castle Pines City Council and the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District (CPNMD) Board of Directors each voted unanimously last month in support of a resolution approving an intergovernmental agreement for the dissolution of the Castle Pines Parks Authority and the transfer of its assets to the City.

The Castle Pines Parks Authority was a governmental alliance formed in 2000 to plan, fund and build parks and recreation facilities for the [then] Castle Pines North community. A percentage of homeowners’ association dues paid to the Master Association funded the Parks Authority.

According to CPNMD Director Denise Crew, “The terms of the dissolution require the City of Castle Pines to apply all existing principle and future interest on the $719,000 fund balance to existing or new parks, trails and amenities – specifically within our established neighborhoods whose residents historically paid the Master Association’s annual assessment.”

Consolidation of funding sources and services is something that residents in the Castle Pines community have been contemplating since pre-incorporation discussions in 2007.

“This is an exciting step in the continuing evolution of our community,” stated Mayor Tera Radloff.

Special thanks goes out to the Parks Authority volunteer board of directors, including President David Necker, Joan Millspaugh, Tom Weldon, Randy Burkhardt, Councilmember Deborah Mulvey and CPNMD Director Denise Crew for their time, input and collaboration.

“Once the City assumes full responsibility for the management and maintenance for all our parks, I am optimistic the need for court sports such as tennis, pickleball and basketball will soon become a reality,” stated Necker. “Interested citizens should look forward to steering the future of Castle Pines parks by serving on a City parks advisory committee.”

“This was a collaborative effort by the Parks Authority Board,” stated Councilmember Deborah Mulvey. “The City Council and the Metropolitan District worked together to select the best option that serves the community and ensures these funds are stewarded in the best way for our residents, without delay.”

City Council is now contemplating several recreational amenity opportunities based on past community discussions and ongoing engagement with residents about what amenities best fit the community and the space available. See related story page 46.



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