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Congressman Cory Gardner addresses local business leaders

Congressman Cory Gardner spoke to Castle Pines Chamber members and local business leaders at the Rockyard American Grill and Brewing Company in Castle Rock.

By Steve Baska; photo courtesy of Carla Kenny

U.S. Representative Cory Gardner spoke to Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce members and local business leaders about tax reform and other issues at a breakfast meeting August 29 at Rockyard American Grill and Brewing Company in Castle Rock.

Gardner served in the Colorado Legislature for five years before being elected to the U.S. Congress for the 4th District, which includes Douglas County and stretches from Longmont on the north to Trinidad on the south.

About the need for tax reform, Gardner said, “The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. A local business here along I-25 told me that their top competitor moved overseas recently for lower taxes and now has an advantage. That is a bad situation for America.”

Gardner has long been an advocate for helping business and for fiscally responsible government. He says that responsibility means making tough cuts in the federal budget. “The federal government is huge, and there are a lot of creative ways we can cut spending, save money, and eliminate red tape. I would like to see a federal hiring freeze of all non-emergency personnel and the consolidation of all international development programs. Another measure I would like to introduce will automatically end funding for programs deemed ineffective by the Government Accountability Office,” he said.

Gardner also said he was aware of the movement by several eastern Colorado counties (not including Douglas County) that are considering seceding from the state of Colorado because they feel their rural interests are not being represented in the state legislature regarding oil drilling and gun rights. These counties will ask their voters in November to decide if they should further investigate whether to form a 51st state of the United States. Gardner said, “I understand their frustration with the Colorado legislation that has moved too far left. Previously, the legislature had a great rapport with the rural counties.”

Gardner also mentioned Syria, Obamacare and other issues in talking with the attendees.

Gardner recently opened an office in the City of Castle Pines at 7505 Village Square Drive, Suite 207. “We’re getting a lot of calls in that new office,” he said. “We help people with issues there. Come visit my staff at that new office.”

For more information about Gardner, visit To reach the Castle Pines office, call 720-508-3937.



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