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Coyote Ridge Park to Receive Streetlight

by Carin Kirkegaard

Coyote Ridge Park will soon be a little lighter. The corner at Serena Drive and Hidden Pointe Boulevard will soon have a streetlight installed at the northwest corner of the intersection.

With summer approaching and days getting longer, more families will stay later at the park. This corner presents a danger for pedestrians, scooter riders, bikers and others that pass this intersection heading for home at dusk.

Residents that live around the park have dealt with this hazard since the neighborhood was built. For the past year, North Lynx HOA worked unsuccessfully to get the light installed by contacting Xcel Energy and IREA directly.

“Getting a streetlight installed at this dangerous corner was something I wanted to get accomplished,” said Jennifer Havercroft-Miller, former North Lynx HOA president. “There have been times when I have nearly missed the corner coming home after dark – and I turn that corner all the time.”

Finally, after contacting the Castle Pines North Metro District for assistance, Havercroft-Miller was able to accomplish her goal.

As owners of the land where the new light will be located, the CPN Metro District Board of Directors approved funding necessary to have Xcel install the new light at their meeting in January. This light will benefit not only residents who use this intersection on their daily commutes, but also the entire CPN community who utilize CPN’s largest park.

Residents residing south of Castle Pines Parkway with questions regarding streetlights should contact IREA at, or call 303-688-3100. Residents who live north of Castle Pines Parkway should contact Xcel Energy at, or call 800-895-4999.



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