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CPN track star heads to state

Shannon McFarland poses with her REAL Colorado Soccer friend Kellsie Rector after qualifying for the State Hershey track and field meet.

by Carin R. Kirkegaard

Shannon McFarland, Castle Pines North youth, competed in the Hershey’s Track and Field Games through South Suburban Parks and Recreation (SSPR) and qualified for the state track meet. McFarland competed in both the 100-meter and 400-meter dash. Without any formal training, McFarland finished fifth overall in the 100-meter race.

McFarland also plays competitive soccer for REAL Colorado and learned of the SSPR track program through her soccer team. McFarland has always been a runner. According to her mother, she won a medal for a race she ran at school as a kindergartener. She’s been running ever since. Once the boys at school got wind of her abilities, they would always ask McFarland to race at recess.

“I’m not going to let any boys beat me,” said McFarland and so far she hasn’t.

The Hershey’s track and field program began more than 30 years ago to promote youth physical fitness. Track and field meets take place in every state and province in North America. Winners advance to the state Hershey track and field meet and from there may move on to the North American Final in Hershey, Pennsylvannia.

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