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Daniel’s Ridge Residents Remember Wildfire

On October 29, the one-year anniversary of the Cherokee Ranch Fire that had threatened parts of Castle Pines North, residents of Daniels Ridge neighborhood held a “thank you” dinner honoring the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the South Metro Fire and Rescue District.

Bob Holder, a Daniels Ridge resident, and a few other neighbors came up with the idea and presented it to the rest of the neighborhood at their annual picnic. “Everyone was enthusiastic about the idea, so we decided to see if the Ridge Clubhouse was available on the one-year anniversary date of the fire.”

Members of the Sheriff’s office and the fire department were invited, as well as Daniels Ridge residents. About 50 people attended.

The neighborhood presented the Sheriffs Office and Fire and Rescue Departments with a donation of $250 each to their benevolent funds. Each group then gave an acceptance speech and talked about neighborhood safety as well as homeland security. That was followed by a western-style buffet.

“We believe that inviting members of the Sheriff’s office and the Fire department helps foster good relationships between neighborhoods and these organizations. We got to know those who attended better, and had a lovely party at the same time,” said Holder.



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