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Hidden Pointe and CPN Master Associations Enter Talks on Contract Dispute

Board members of both the CPN Master Association and the Hidden Pointe HOA entered into discussions on Thursday, November 18th. All legal activities pertaining to the lawsuit have been temporarily suspended while discussions continue.

In September, 2003, the Hidden Pointe HOA filed a lawsuit against the CPN Master Association. The suit claims that the contract developed between the two parties in 1999 was invalid.

The Hidden Pointe HOA elected seven new board members this summer. Since then, the new board has polled Hidden Pointe homeowners and found that 90 percent wanted to negotiate the lawsuit out of court. Only 10 percent of homeowners wanted to continue with the lawsuit.

“During our membership meeting on September 30th, we discovered the top priorities for our homeowners were to obtain voting rights in the Master Association, and to work to improve landscaping,” said Hidden Pointe’s HOA President, Rick Schafer. “We are trying to reach a solution that is best for both parties involved.”

“The board members of Hidden Pointe and the Master Association have begun to communicate, which is definitely a step in the right direction,” said Master Association President Linda Nuzum. “We are very optimistic at this point and we certainly hope to resolve this situation out of court.”



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