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DCS students rally around injured classmate

DCS Montessori kindergartner Alex Chapman (in wheelchair) didn’t let a
broken leg keep him from participating in P.E. class with his friends.

By Lisa Crockett; photo courtesy of DCS Montessori

DCS Montessori kindergartner Alex Chapman likes to move. During the 10 minutes of P.E. class that students get to participate in the activity of their choice, you’ll often find him hitting a tennis ball with a paddle. It’s one of his favorite activities, and having a broken leg that confined him temporarily to a wheelchair didn’t change that.

“Alex is very active, so he asked other students in class to hit the tennis ball with him,” said P.E. teacher Bruce Berning. “I love the fact that several students were willing to help him.”

The injury, which Alex sustained while skiing, was a serious setback in the life of a boy who is always on the go. “It was frustrating to Alex that he couldn’t play and had to do some things in a different way,” said Alex’s mom, Katie Chapman. “For him, being able to participate is huge and that other kids would help him was so important.”

The lesson in helping others achieve their goals, even when they may have a barrier to overcome, is very much in keeping with the ideals the school aims to achieve. “Our Montessori philosophy is children helping other children learn through cooperation,” said Berning. “This event proved to be very successful.”



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