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Forest Park swimmer tops the podium

Abby Kochevar of Forest Park took the podium for earning first place in the state championship for 100 yard backstroke on February 15 at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Adams County.

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photo courtesy of the Kochevar Family

Although Abby Kochevar of Forest Park had the fastest time at the state swimming championship in 100 yard backstroke, she admitted that her preliminary time had actually been faster. “I was slightly faster in prelims but when I heard my coach Nicole yelling, it made me happy to have won.” The meet took place February 15 at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Adams County. Kochevar also finished third in the 50 yard freestyle race.

Kochevar has been swimming since she was nine years old. She joined the Castle Crocs at her parents’ suggestion to do something active. Now a sophomore at Rock Canyon High School (RCHS), Kochevar swims for both the high school team and the University of Denver Hilltoppers club team. With about nine practices per week, swimming before and after school, Kochever is clearly dedicated. “I love the competition, working hard for something good to come out of it, like the outcome of getting my best time.”

Just in March alone, Kochevar traveled to competitions in Seattle, Washington and Buffalo, New York, balancing school and swimming with relative ease. “I talk to my teachers in advance and bring school work with me.” She added, “My parents go to all my meets and it’s nice that they come because they help me stay calm.”

Next up, Kochevar plans to work on her 100 meter freestyle and 100 meter fly for Junior Nationals in Irvine, California, which she claims is her favorite place to swim. “My goal is to make the cut in the 100 meter fly for the first time.

While there’s very little free time for Kochevar, sometimes on weekends she likes to hang out with friends, watch movies, and to draw. Kochevar plans to swim in college and has her sights set on California, though she has never swam in the ocean … at least not yet.

Abby Kochevar prepares to compete at the state championship. “I was overthinking before I competed but once I was on the block, I was calm and focused.” she said.



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