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DCSM energized by CSI

Information and photos provided by DSC Montessori

Every spring, the upper elementary students at DCS Montessori explore Colorado history, science and interests (CSI) in a presentation fair. The tradition began as a simple science fair and stayed so for many years, but five years ago it transformed into its current form.

Fourth-graders study and present an aspect of Colorado history. Fifth-graders present a science experiment utilizing the steps of the scientific method. The sixth-graders present a subject that is of personal interest to them.

This year, projects ranged from black holes versus wormholes to Denver, our capital, from gravity to the Colorado gold rush. Topics covered various interests and academic passions, including Colorado historical figures, Colorado landmarks, Native American tribes in Colorado, physical science, study of space, sports, catapults, Colorado skiing and outdoors, Colorado parks, tooth decay, rocket fuel, and many other topics of interest to young scientists.

During school hours, the younger students (primary through third grade), as well as the middle schoolers, were able to observe and listen to the older students teach and share their topics. After school, the CSI fair opened its doors to parents, family and friends of the students.

The energy, creativity, learning and fun made for a memorable day for teachers, students and families alike. Never stop asking questions and looking for answers. CSI rocks!



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