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Dear Facebook …

By Terri Wiebold, Owner/Publisher, The Castle Pines Connection

So Facebook, you have been the topic of much discussion lately; you’ve been on my mind as well.  But not because of breech of security or privacy issues, but rather the opposite.  You see, I am a fan.  

I am a small business owner who utilizes your platform to reach my customers and readers on a day-to-day basis.  As a montly newspaper, I rely on Facebook to keep the community informed and engaged in what is happening in the moment, between when they receive the newspaper in their mailboxes.    My issue … I am locked out of my account and I can’t find a way back in.

More than a letter to Facebook, this is an outreach to all the Castle Pines Connection Facebook followers out there who have wondered, “Why did The Connection stop posting stories and information on its Facebook page a few months ago?  Why don’t they have fun ticket give-aways and contests anymore?  Where can I go to learn about the traffic back up on the Parkway or where the bear was spotted or the crazy wind storm?  Where did The Connection go, and why?

Long story short, The Connection’s Facebook page was initially set up incorrectly; our fault for not knowing enough about it 10 years ago to do it correctly.  “Jill Journalist,” the identity our account was originally set up as, is not a real person.  And so after a decade, Facebook has decided “she” therefore no longer has access to post on the account.  There it is … we didn’t quit or abandon you, we simply have not been able to access our account.  

So, the painful reality is that we start back from scratch.  We create a new page with a new address ( and we trust that our loyal readers will take the time to visit us again and “like” our page and “share” our stories with family and friends again.  We hope that those individuals who thoughtfully wrote reviews will consider doing it again.  We pick up where we left off in our commitment to promote and celebrate other local businesses and hope the gesture is reciprocated.  And we continue our efforts to find a way to merge the old account with the new account so that we retain the legacy history of all the great happenings in the Castle Pines community.

At least now you know why we have been silent.  Starting in May, however, we will be back in action with our brand new page!  Please visit us at and join back in the community dialogue.  



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