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Doctors Jeff and Stephanie Scheich of Castle Pines Family Dentistry with Joy Demmler (center) after her Mom Makeover.

Doctors Jeff and Stephanie Scheich of Castle Pines Family Dentistry with Joy Demmler (center) after her Mom Makeover.

By Elizabeth Wood West

“I was just overwhelmed – I actually burst out crying!” said 72-year old “Mom Makeover” recipient Joy Demmler. The Mom Makeover is a full dental makeover provided by Castle Pines Family Dentistry’s doctors Stephanie and Jeffrey Scheich.

“We had seen some Denver-area dentists that did [makeovers] years ago when we started our practice, and thought it would be a very fun and rewarding experience both for us and the winners. Now that we are in a position to do all of the work for free, we try to do them annually,” said Dr. Stephanie Scheich, who did Demmler’s dental makeover.

The Scheich’s patients, friends, neighbors, and other dental specialists submit nominees from the Castle Pines or Castle Rock area. Scheich explained, “We want it to be someone who has given [to others] and hasn’t taken time for themselves; a person’s financial inability to pay for dental care may come into play as well.”

Demmler, a retired school teacher, recently moved to the Castle Pines community where her daughter lives. When Demmler asked a neighbor the name of a good dentist, the neighbor referred her to Scheich. The referral quickly turned into a makeover submission as others joined in supporting Demmler’s nomination.

Scheich said makeovers can include basic cleaning and home-care instruction, fillings, cosmetic porcelain restorations, and crowns. The procedures often address function and overall dental health, as well as aesthetic improvements by using whitening treatments, cosmetic bonding, veneers, and porcelain crowns on front teeth to correct color and alignment.

Makeovers typically begin in January and finish in time for Mother’s Day to allow enough time for treatment, depending on the scope of dental work that needs to be done, as well as time for the dental lab to fabricate the restorations. Scheich used Dahlin Laboratory for Demmler’s makeover, which provided services on a cost-only basis as well as a manicure gift card. 

Demmler says the dental makeover has changed her life in many ways. “This makeover has given me the boost in self-assurance, confidence, and courage to start my new life here.  My children say that it is so amazing how my personality has brightened; I am happier, more outgoing, and I smile a lot,” said Demmler. “Castle Pines has given me a new outlook on how friends, neighbors, and businesses change lives by looking out for each other, volunteering time, and caring,” Demmler added.

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