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Don’t be a Victim to Crime this Summer

The CPN Master Association and the Douglas County Sheriff ’s Office continue to search for ways to prevent crime in our community.

Last summer, there were numerous vehicle break-ins throughout CPN, and many residents lost wallets, purses, computers, and other valuable items. To help keep our community safe, please follow these simple crime-prevention tips:

Always LOCK your vehicles.

Do NOT leave keys in your vehicle.

Remove ALL valuables from your car including: cell phones, briefcases, laptop computers, purses or wallets, golf clubs, cameras, and all types of bags.

Whenever possible, park your vehicles INSIDE the garage.

Do NOT leave garage door openers in your vehicle.

Keep your garage door CLOSED, even in the daytime.

Watch out for your neighbors. Call a friend who has left their garage door open.

If you suspect a break-in on your property, call the Sheriff’s Office IMMEDIATELY.

Don’t leave purses unattended or in the top of a shopping cart.

For information and non-emergencies, contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 303-660-7500 or 303-660-7505. For emergency situations ALWAYS dial 911.

If you would like to volunteer to be on CPN’s Safety Committee, contact Janet Conner at 303-482-3078 or e-mail



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