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Berm at Berganot Trail Leveled

Douglas County has leveled the berm at the intersection of Berganot Trail and Monarch Blvd.

The berm created a blind spot for drivers, and was causing concern that a serious accident could occur. The Tapestry Hills HOA contacted the County several years ago and the Master Association’s Safety Committee Chair Janet Conner later joined in to work on the issue. “I was very pleased when the County told us that the project had been funded,” said Conner.

“The streets were built before the Ridge Golf Course was added, and when the course was built, there was extra dirt that got pushed into a big pile,” said Eric Larson, Principal Traffic Engineer with Douglas County.

Larson added, “In April, we located the utility lines then bulldozed the dirt. The dirt was spread around, and The Ridge Golf Course has agreed to seed and mulch the area.”

Sheri Brummett, Master Association board member and resident of Tapestry Hills said, “I do believe that the leveling will significantly reduce the number of accidents and close calls for drivers
turning right from Berganot onto Monarch. Our neighborhood is looking forward to the Ridge finishing the mulching and seeding so that everything will blend into the area.”

Special thanks to Janet Conner and all the residents who worked with Douglas County on this important traffic safety issue!



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