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Doodle for business, Doodle for fun!

Article and photo by Elean Gersack

Have you ever been caught in the back-and-forth of trying to plan and coordinate a meeting with several different people, all of whom have different schedules and availability?  Talk about a logistical nightmare!  Not any more …

Scheduling a meeting or event has never been easier. and the Doodle app make the challenge of getting everyone together a breeze.  

The organizer of the meeting indicates those to be invited and provides several options for days and times.  An email is sent to all those invited with a personal message from the sender and a link to the meeting dates/times.  A simple polling system captures the options that work for those invited and quickly pins down the best time and date, providing a tally of the results.  

Whether it is a business meeting, book club or party, Doodle can help expedite the planning process and help get everyone who needs to be there, there.  It is easy to get started by logging in with Facebook, Google or via email.  

Basic Doodle accounts, including the app are free.  There is a premium ad-free offering for businesses that allows things like encryption, automatic reminders, branding, and themes for a nominal annual fee.  

Visit to learn more or download the free app from the App Store or Google Play and Doodle on the go!

This graphic depicts the recent results of an email meeting attempt with 15 separate chamber members.



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