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Douglas County building and planning 101- site improvement plan defined

Information provided by Douglas County website

A Site Improvement Plan (SIP) process is required to ensure that any development in Douglas County will be in conformance with the county’s Comprehensive Master Plan, Subdivision Resolution, and Zoning Resolution (as amended), and all applicable Federal, State, and local standards.

The SIP provides for the enhancement of the county’s socioeconomic fabric through sensitive site and building design, and ensures the hardscape and landscape environments are attractive and in balance with the overall bulk and massing of building architecture. The process also encourages sustainability through water conservation, passive energy benefits through appropriate site design, and supports multi-modal transportation options and use of alternative energy sources, when appropriate.

Successful site design will positively influence community property values while ensuring compatibility with adjacent uses. Buildings should be in scale and harmony with the character of the community and environment.

In Douglas County, a SIP shall be required for any use or a change in use for any multifamily dwelling; mobile home park; business, commercial or industrial development; any Use by Special Review; a library; a utility major facility; a utility service facility; and any project containing a structure 120 square feet or greater in size, or that occupies an area greater than 500 square feet; or for similar uses contained within a Planned Development, including single-family attached dwellings.

Applicants may submit building permit applications to the Building Division concurrent with the SIP application, upon receiving written approval from the SIP review board manager. Building permits shall not be issued for any development that is not in conformance with the approved SIP.

The SIP shall be defined as a set of detailed plans and associated information, which shall contain at a minimum: a site plan (horizontal layout); a landscape plan; a lighting and photometric plan and fixture detail sheets; a grading plan; drainage report and plan; building elevations; a product sample board or photographic samples; floor plans, roof plans, three-dimensional drawings, photometric point analysis, and models may be required based upon the potential impacts associated with the proposal prepared in accordance with this section.

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