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Douglas County Completes Berm Project at Berganot Trail

Special thanks are extended to Douglas County for completing the berm leveling project at the entrance of Tapestry Hills. All remaining construction related materials have been removed from the site, which is located at Berganot Trail and Monarch Blvd.

In 2000, many Tapestry Hills residents voiced concerns that the berm created a blind spot for drivers. Members of the Tapestry Hills HOA Board of Directors discussed this safety concern with Douglas County.

David Lynn, President of Tapestry Hills HOA, met several times with representatives of the Douglas County Public Works Department. In late 2003, the County acknowledged the problem by writing a letter to the Tapestry Hills HOA which stated, “Corrective action would be taken as soon as they obtained money for the project.”

In 2004, representatives from the CPN Master Association and the CPN Metro District joined in efforts, and met with Douglas County representatives. Master Association President Linda Nuzum, Janet Conner, Safety Committee Chairperson, and Charlie Fagan, Metro District Parks and Open Space Manger, met with the County to pursue priority and scheduling for the berm project.

Now the traffic safety hazard has been corrected. “If you commit your time and energy to work directly with the County on a project, you are able to really get things accomplished,” said Linda Nuzum, Master Association President. “We appreicate all the efforts by Douglas County and members of our community.”

“Stick with it,” said Lynn. “We are in unincorporated Douglas County, so there is an office or two in the County government that is charged with resolving our complaints. Be persistent, and remember, government often moves slowly, but it is always moving.”

Special thanks to representatives of the CPN Metro District, the CPN Master Association and the Tapestry Hills HOA for their teamwork, persistence and contributions to resolve this important safety issue.



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