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Traffic Signal to Improve Safety at Yorkshire Intersection

Installation of a new traffic signal at the intersection of Castle Pines Parkway and Yorkshire Drive is underway. The median on Yorkshire Drive, at the Royal Hill entrance, was recently removed.

Construction for the project began months ago and wasn’t noticeable until the recent median removal. “Most of the work is being done at or below ground level,” said Alex Larson, Principal Traffic Engineer at Douglas County Public Works.

Douglas County Public Works is currently working to finalize traffic signal designs, but has recently encountered additional delays.

“Depending on the amount of space available for poles, we’ll be able to determine if we can use in-stock poles, or if we’ll have to place a pole order, which can add an additional 12-16 weeks to the project’s completion date,” said Larson.

“There is also another delay on drilling the caissons because there is a concrete shortage in the area. It is not yet known when concrete will be available again, and this will have a direct impact on our schedule,” added Larson.

There is not a specific completion date due to the possibility of needing to order poles, as well as the concrete shortage. When the date is known, it will be published in the Connection and posted on

For more information about the traffic signal, contact Alex Larson at 303 660-7490 or by e-mail at



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