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Douglas County Sheriff Participates In 2009 “Puffer Week”

Submitted by Deputy Cocha Heyden
Douglas County Seriff’s Office
Public Information Officer

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives from the Special Investigations Unit and Pattern Crimes Unit will be out in force during the week of December 14-18th, looking for “Puffers”, those that leave their vehicles running unattended.

Colorado Revised Statute, 42-4-1206, essentially addresses the fact that it is illegal for a person to leave a vehicle on and unattended. Deputies in marked patrol cars and plain clothes detectives in unmarked cars will be joining other law enforcement agencies throughout the state in enforcing this statute. They also join members of the “Colorado Auto Theft Investigators” group in trying to educate the public that leaving their vehicle on and unattended is a good way to get it stolen. Many auto thieves look for that specific opportunity, to steal a vehicle that is already on.

Please do your part in preventing auto theft, if you have to warm up your vehicle in the morning make sure to stay with it.



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