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Douglas County Tax Work-Off program for seniors

Information provided by Douglas County

The Tax Work-Off program allows Douglas County taxpayers the opportunity to earn money as temporary County employees up to the amount equal to but not exceeding the property tax that is due and owing to Douglas County or the Douglas County Law Enforcement Authority on the County tax liabilities for the current tax year.

Qualifying residents must be at least 60 years of age or individuals with a disability and be a homeowner and resident of the property where the taxes are due. The property for which taxes are due may not be rental producing.

Tax work-off employees may work up to 100 hours (at $9.30 per hour) for a maximum of $930 or for the amount of property tax due to the County and the Douglas County Law Enforcement Authority (if applicable), whichever is less.

As needs arise within County offices/departments, requests may be made to use a tax work-off employee for temporary assistance by the office/department contacting human resources. Human resources will assist in matching an applicant with the office/department(s). The number of taxpayers allowed to participate in the program is based on the operational needs and financial constraints of the County.

If you or anyone you know has participated in this program, please email – we’d love to hear about your experience. To learn more or to apply for the program, email



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