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Energy therapy provides healing

By Amy Shanahan

Cancer has touched most of us in some way, and we are all aware of the toll that this disease takes on the bodies of those who are undergoing treatment.  LifeSpark Cancer Resources is a local Colorado nonprofit that provides support services for those with cancer, and residents of Castle Pines are on both the giving and receiving end of this wonderful organization.

LifeSpark is made up of a group of volunteers who among other things, provide Reiki and Healing Touch therapies at approved facilities or in homes when patients are home-bound.  Kristin Adams owns two Elements Massage locations in Castle Rock and is thrilled to be working with LifeSpark.  “We are proud to be one of the few studios in Colorado to open our doors to LifeSpark so that these patients can have a pampering, relaxing and life-changing experience that does not take place within the walls of a hospital or clinic,” stated Adams.

Castle Pines resident Christina Staley was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2014 and immediately began receiving Healing Touch therapy through LifeSpark.  “I always felt better afterward, my energy was better and I had an overall feeling of peace.  It helped me get through,” remarked Staley.  “It gave me something to focus on.  It is hard to describe what my chemo treatments were like, and they can be very different, as there are many kinds.  There is always an anxiety about the next treatment and knowing what to expect.  It helped a lot with that.”

Suzy Kesler, who also lives in Castle Pines, owns a mobile medical massage practice called Heart-Felt Healing which specializes in oncology.  Kesler has volunteered with LifeSpark for the past three years and provides both Reiki and Healing Touch to support cancer patients.  

A cancer survivor herself, Kesler understands the benefits of these important therapies.  Kesler explained, “There is nothing more magical than the gift of love. That is what LifeSpark has gifted me with.  It has been such an amazing journey to just be a channel of true love to my participants.  It’s a heart-to-heart connection.  A human-to-human connection.  After such sessions my participants say that they feel less stress, they are more optimistic and often times have less pain.  Love may or may not cure, but love really does heal!”

LifeSpark offers its services free of charge and counts on donations to continue to provide these services.  Their annual fundraiser will be held on April 23 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Denver.  To learn more about LifeSpark or for information about the fundraiser, visit



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