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Experimenting with fitness at DCS Montessori

DCSM students enjoyed doing the yoga pose low warrior along with several other forms of training last month when they journeyed out of the classroom for some education in exercise.

By Kathy Dunker; photos courtesy of Studio Fit

On Wednesday, April 10, DCS Montessori (DCSM) middle school students ventured out for their sixth week of Monday and Wednesday visits to Studio Fit in Castle Rock. The students participated in several different forms of exercise with owner Angela Copeland and teacher Susan Thayer, who also provided insight about the importance of nutrition.

The types of exercise the students participated in were yoga, Zumba – which fuses Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves, suspension training program (STP) which provides exercises that build strength while preventing injury, and resistance intervals power polymetrics, endurance and diet (RIPPED) which utilizes free weights, resistance and body weight, as the workout portion along with diet suggestions.

Studio Fit recently moved to its new location at 1263 Park Street, Unit B in Castle Rock, and also joined forces with Premier Pilates of Castle Rock. The studio offers more than 50 classes per week at the new facility.

Copeland remarked, “Studio Fit was delighted when DCS Montessori asked whether the studio would be willing to work with them on a six-week physical education unit. These were middle-school students, which is a critical age for creating habits they’ll follow as adults. Planting the seed of physical fitness and all its benefits now will encourage them to lead an active, healthier lifestyle.”

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DCSM middle school students completed a six week exercise unit at Studio Fit in Castle Rock.



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