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Fire chiefs plead with public to avoid fireworks and open burning

Submitted by Colorado State Fire Chiefs

With the intense wildfires raging across the state, the Colorado State Fire Chiefs are pleading with residents to abide by the state-wide burn ban in effect and don’t use fireworks.

More than 14 fires are burning in the state using a great amount of resources. In 2010, fireworks caused an estimated 15,500 reported fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Conditions this year are perfect for starting fires. We have little moisture, high temperatures and lots of wind. While we cannot prevent natural caused fires, we can prevent other wildfires by using common sense.

“Our state is being threatened by unprecedented wildfires, but together by being smart about fire safety we may be able to prevent human caused fires that would significantly strain our already stressed firefighting resources,” said Doug McBee, Executive Director of the Colorado State Fire Chiefs.

If a fire starts from the use of fireworks, the perpetrator could be charged with arson as well as being held liable for damages caused by the fire and the cost of resources used to fight the fire. If convicted of the crime, the perpetrator could face fines and/or imprisonment.



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