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Friends run for local canyon

Castle Pines resident and runner Christy Lott at the Friends Run for Castlewood Canyon event last year.  This year’s race will be held on September 13, with proceeds benefiting improvements to the park.

By Lisa Crockett; photo courtesy of Friends of Castlewood Canyon

Runners from around the metro area will gather on September 13 to run a 10K race to benefit Castlewood Canyon in Franktown.  The race, called the “Friends Run for Castlewood Canyon,” takes place entirely in Castlewood Canyon State Park.  It begins at Lake Gulch, continues to Rim Rock, and on to the Cherry Creek Trail.  A two-mile family hike will also be held at the same time as the trail race.

“Last year’s race was our inaugural race, and it was very successful,” said Ron Claussen, president of the Friends of Castlewood Canyon, a charity which raises money to benefit the park. “Money raised last year was used to purchase property to expand the park.”

Located a short drive from Castle Pines, Castlewood Canyon is designated as a Colorado Natural Area providing great wildlife, plant communities and geological viewing opportunities.  The unique beauty of the canyon and its close proximity to Castle Pines make it an ideal place for locals to have a good time for a great cause.  Last year, Castle Pines resident Christy Lott participated in the race.

“My BRF (best running friend) Kim Gulliver invited me to join her and her husband at the race,” said Lott.  “I had never been to Castlewood Canyon before and thought it would be a fun way to get a ‘quick’ tour as we raced through the scenery.”

Lott and her fellow race participants were able to see many unique features of the canyon, including remnants of geologic and local history.  In 1933, for instance, Castlewood Dam burst, sending a 15-foot-high wave of water into Denver.  Ruins of the original ill-fated dam and the historic homestead still exist.

“We would like to improve the displays at the visitor center,” said Claussen.  “We also use some of the money raised for our Wonders program, which allows us to pay for bus transportation so students from underserved schools can visit Castlewood Canyon.”

To register for the Friends Run, visit and click on “Friends Run.”  All proceeds from the race go to improvements to the park.



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