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From Russia, with love


Castle Pines author Teresa Travous Hull has written and published “Love’s Complete: A Russian Adoption Journey” based on her own experience in adopting her daughter.

By Lisa Crockett; photo and book cover courtesy of Teresa Travous Hull

“Love’s Complete: A Russian Adoption Journey” is a children’s book that tells the story of a baby girl adopted in a Russian orphanage by American parents. Castle Pines author Teresa Travous Hull wrote the book based on her family’s experience in the Russian city of Kaliningrad as she and her husband, Clay, adopted their daughter, Ruth, more than five years ago.

“As an adoptive parent looking for books that celebrated inter-country adoption, I noticed that there were few to be found,” said Travous Hull.  “I wanted a book children could read if they were adopted and embrace that fact.”

An active member of the adoptive community, Travous Hull got to work creating the book she was looking for. An engineer by trade, children’s book writing was a new skill and Travous Hull studied several of her favorite children’s books before putting pen to paper.

Eventually she settled on writing her book in verse, in simple terms that even young children could understand. She then set about constructing a story board using stick figures to help her convey her plans for the book to illustrator Astrid Tarkovski.

Three years after she began her work, the book is now available from Westbow Press.

Teresa Travous Hull

“I would really like to send a message for all adopted children, whether they are adopted in the United States or abroad,” said Travous Hull. “I would like this to be encouraging to parents who want to grow their families through adoption.”

Travous Hull has done readings of the book for various school groups, sharing the book’s ultimate message of the happiness of a loving family.

“When I read to children, I am always so touched by their innocence,” said Travous Hull. “Their questions are always so open and inquisitive.”

For more information about “Love’s Complete: A Russian Adoption Journey,” visit The book is available through Westbow Press, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



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