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From the Desk of the City Treasurer

Let’s consider impacts to the Castle Pines community from federal and state budget cuts. There is no question America has been living beyond its means. There are budget measures being considered in Washington D.C. to reduce deficit spending by the federal government. At the same time, Colorado faces a billion dollar budget gap. Will these budget cuts trickle down from the federal and state levels to impact local budgets, and to micro governments like our city? You bet.

Treasurer Mark Shively
City of Castle Pines

“Let’s cut spending” sounds good, regardless of impacts. We can’t do much about gyrations going on in D.C., but should we plan for how these actions will impact our community? When budget cuts trickle down, will we be asked to pay for services that have traditionally been provided by the county, the state, and the federal governments? Do voters need these services or want them to continue? Do we have plans in place to raise taxes and fees to pay for the services that voters want to continue? As best I know, we are in need of that planning.

If you walk the halls in D.C., you might be tempted to say, “Ours is the worst form of government there is (except for all the others).” Recently one of our Congressmen stepped out of a finance committee session, chagrined by the tasks at hand. He said, “There are consequences of elections. Who you vote for matters!”

But what about our community here in the City of Castle Pines? Does who you vote for in the council election this November matter? You bet it does. Now is the time to encourage qualified candidates to step forward to fill the slots that will be available on council. If you have a friend or neighbor you believe might be particularly good at the tasks at hand, now is the time to encourage them to consider donating some of their time for service to our community.



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