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From the Mailbox

Dear Connection:

I am the President of the North Lynx Homeowner’s Association and I have received several complaints from residents who live near the new skateboard park about activities occurring after hours at the park. Who should residents contact if they have questions or concerns about questionable activity at the park?

– Jennifer Havercroft, North Lynx

Dear Jennifer:

Thank you for your recent inquiry about the skateboard park. There has been some confusion about enforcement of after hours use of the skateboard park, and hopefully answering your question will clear things up for others as well.

First, the Master Association does not own or maintain any property, parks, pools, or open space in the Castle Pines North (CPN) community. The Master Association often acts as a liaison between the community and county agencies; however, it is not directly responsible for overseeing problems in these areas.

Second, the Castle Pines North Metro District owns and maintains all four parks, including the skateboard park, the recreational trails, and more than 550 acres of open space in CPN. If questions arise concerning the skateboard park such as garbage can issues, signage, vandalism clean-up, or other unsafe conditions, contact the Metro District at 303-688-8550, or e-mail the Parks and Open Space Manager, Charlie Fagan, at

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) is responsible for all issues pertaining to ensuring the safety of residents and enforcement of laws within CPN. If there is activity occurring that is dangerous or illegal in nature, by all means call 911. If the activity is of a non-emergency nature but is still one which requires enforcement, contact the DCSO’s non-emergency number at 303-660-7505. In addition, park hours are posted at the skateboard park, and are from 7 a.m. to dusk.

The Master Association’s goal is to be an advocate for the residents of the CPN community. Please do not hesitate to contact the Master Association at 303-482-3078, or e-mail We will gladly do our part to ensure voices and concerns in the community are heard. Thanks for writing.



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