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Fun with foreign harmonies at DCS Montessori

The DCS Montessori Cougar Choir performed a fun and entertaining kazoo interlude during intermission.

Article by Lorraine Cooper with photo by Maria Hannigan

Seventy second grade students from DCS Montessori culminated a two month study in a March 3 presentation of Tikki Tikki Tembo and The Bremen Town Musicians. During the period, students discussed the music and culture of both China and Germany while learning the stories, customs, and music for the presentation.

Tikki Tikki Tembo was performed for the audience using a nine-foot shadow puppet screen, narrator, choir and instrumentalists. In addition to the story, the program featured a Chinese New Year celebration with Flower Dancers, Fan Dancers and a dragon that paraded through the audience.

Bremen Town Musicians was performed for the audience with hand puppets depicting the four animals who banded together to become the musicians of Bremen Town, a narrator, speakers, choir and instrumentalists. The play also highlighted a rowdy band of robbers who danced on the stage.

The Cougar Choir of DCS Montessori provided a song, “Kazoo Concerto” for intermission and during the set change.

The choir is comprised of first through third grade students and is an after school enrichment program offered by DCS Montessori.

Both programs were well received by audiences and enthusiastically supported by the second grade performers.

The DCS Montessori second grade music show was held on March 3 in the school gymnasium. Seventy young students presented Chinese and German music.



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