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Getting weather wise courtesy of 7News

Second graders at Buffalo Ridge Elementary enjoy a visit from 7News Meteorologist Maureen McCann.

May is the beginning of severe weather month in Colorado. Second graders at Buffalo Ridge Elementary School kicked off a month long weather unit with a visit from 7News Meteorologist Maureen McCann on May 2.

McCann, a weekend meteorologist at the station, knew at the ripe age of four that when she grew up, she wanted to forecast the weather. With a passion for math and a zest for predicting, McCann noted that there is an equation for all things weather.

Students learned about severe weather, including hurricanes, tornados, lightning and floods, as well as the computer models, satellites and radar used to forecast them.

Staying safe during severe weather is paramount. McCann reminded students of several important sayings, including, “when thunder roars, go indoors” and “turn around, don’t drown.” She also discussed the difference between severe weather watches and warnings and surprised the students with the fact that floods are the deadliest weather event.

Weather month at BRE ended with a visit to The Denver Zoo on May 19 to correlate weather to animal habitats and survival.

Do you remember this August 2008 event?



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