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GiftPlanner takes the stress out of holiday shopping

By Amanda Merriman

There are people who finish shopping for the holidays well before fall starts.  And then there are the rest of us who do not even start thinking about gift shopping until well after pumpkin spice lattes start flying off the shelves.  Not to mention the actual purchasing of gifts happens usually after Thanksgiving.  There is an app out there that can help those suffering from the stress of holiday shopping called GiftPlanner.   

While sipping on your favorite cold weather beverage, one can easily start the gift giving process by importing existing contacts from their iOS device into the app.  Also, adding any new contacts directly within the app is a snap.  Within these contacts you can track birthdays, sizes and link wish lists for ease of gifting.  You can create events with countdowns for whatever holiday you would like to give gifts for, along with the option of setting overall and individual budgets to adhere to.  

GiftPlanner also features what is called a “bookmarklet”, which allows you to browse and shop for items online and add the gifts directly to your list on the app without disrupting your shopping.  And if finding that perfect gift is proving to be a challenge, there is a feature where users can send gift cards directly to their contacts through the app. When gifts are purchased, you can designate when they have been wrapped and shipped.  This app will also keep track of shipping information for you. Ultimately, you can sort your list by various categories to determine how much progress you have made in preparing for your upcoming celebrations.  

I can happily say that with GiftPlanner I already have a head start on organizing my holiday budget and gift ideas, and this is miles ahead of where I usually am with things this time of year.  I look forward to using this app throughout the rest of the year as well.  Now, if only I could find an app to actually wrap all the presents! 



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