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Gold Crown volleyball program nets results

Gold Crown’s 8 Gold team (left to right) back row: Rose Thompson, Madison Courtney, Antonia Fornaro, Brooke McBride, Baylee Olejnik and Devin Hartwig; front row: Bailey Zagar, Madison Mitzner and Lauren Chauvin.

Information submitted by Gold Crown parent with photo provided by Dawn Mitzner

The Gold Crown volleyball organization for middle school girls wrapped up its season in November with a banquet at Rock Canyon High School (RCHS).

Gold Crown is a non-profit organization with a facility that offers a middle school volleyball program every fall for kids from all over the state. Gold Crown also provides an opportunity for the players to meet with the local high school head coaches. The younger girls bond with the varsity players and learn the skills from the girls who play for the high school every day.

Practices were held at RCHS where players were exposed to a wide array of coaching experience and styles, learning the skills and drills the RCHS varsity team practices under head coach Ashley Tussing.

This year was the largest Gold Crown participation ever.  As organizer and coach Dawn Mitzner commented, “We are so excited about the interest from the younger players and hope this continues to build an awesome volleyball program.  We really appreciate the community involvement from the parent coaches, to the scorekeepers and linespersons, to the parents who bring the girls to practices and cheer them on at every match.”

The regular season ran from October 2 to October 31.  The girls played at the Gold Crown facility in Lakewood. This year, RCHS also hosted some of the matches.  The post-season playoffs were divisional playoffs on November 5 and 6, followed by a single elimination playoff held on November 7.  Eight Silver and seven Gold teams advanced to the playoff matches on Sunday, November 7.

2010 Gold Crown teams were as follows:

Eight Gold – Coach Dawn Mitzner, players were Lauren Chauvin, Madison Courtney, Antonia Fornaro, Devin Hartwig, Brooke McBride, Madison Mitzner, Baylee Olejnik, Morgan Stone, Rose Thompson, and Bailey Zagar. RCHS’s 8 Gold team ended with a record of 4-6.

Eight Silver – Coaches Bill Smart and Patrick Mulcahy, players were Nicole Armstrong, Emily Butler, Allie Kellner, Sean Mulcahy, Kennedy Seaquist, Alana Smart, Kristina Stilson, Ashlyn Thompson, and Marley Wackery. They ended with a record of 3 – 7 and advanced to the Sunday playoffs. In addition, Alana Smart represented RCHS at the eighth grade All Star game on November 14.

Seven Gold – Coach, Gary Patton, players were Abby Adams, Kalie Brettmann, Makayla Dahl, Ashley Halpin, Avery Lemler, Jordan Pogue, Megan Prate, Tessa Patton, and Lea Zabor. They ended with a 7 – 3 record and advanced to the playoffs.

Six Gold – Coaches Kirk Stutler and Tim Arey; players were MacKenzie Arey, Reven Bradbury, Riley Bradbury, Michelle Dunker, Hannah Hardison, Ally Jensen, Allison Lane, Kailyn Morgan, Katie Mundwiller, Haley Stutler, Katie Van Benthuysen, and Kristina Vatter. They finished second in the division with a record of 7 – 3.

Six Silver – Coach Greg Adams; players were Lauren Abbott, Kerry Adams, Darkia Brown, Sophie Brunetti, Danielle Dahl, Anni Kellner, Lily Lundquist, Madison Metcalf, Marissa Metcalf, McKenzie Misner, and Alexandra Seaquist. They finished second in the south division with a record of 8 – 2.

Coach Bill Smart stated, “I’m thrilled that my daughter was one of 20 All Stars in a league with over 700 eighth graders.” Smart went on to say, “Dawn Mitzner gives a tremendous amount of time to RCHS area girls.  Her example shows what one person can do, how it can effect literally hundreds of lives around her.” 

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