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Good news and informative shows – highlights of district TV station

Assistant Superintendents Dan McMinimee and Christian Cutter lead the discussion in “Let’s Talk Education” – a new segment on Douglas County television channel 54.

By Amy Shanahan, photo courtesy of Randy Barber

For up to date information, resources and news about the Douglas County School District, check out Comcast cable channel 54. The school district’s community relations office re-launched the district’s cable television station this past fall. Channel 54 features both district programming and student produced programming. The television station was initially set up in 2008 through an intergovernmental agreement between DCSD and Douglas County, in which Comcast agreed to broadcast public education government programming.

The TV station features a variety of content geared toward parents and students alike. It runs 24 hours per day in approximately two-hour cycles, so viewers can tune in at any time. Original programming like newscasts are switched out weekly or bi-weekly. “Let’s Talk Education” is a discussion show led by Assistant Superintendents Dan McMinimee and Christian Cutter. The interview format allows for discussion about a variety of district topics from the bond issue and mill levy, to snow days and suicide prevention.

The district is currently ramping up production on two new shows. The first features the district’s lead chef, Jason Morse and the work he and nutrition services are doing on making school lunches healthier. The second show will feature the day in the life of various people in the district, with the first episode following a bus driver.

Student produced content and programming is a key feature of the TV station. Currently, two high school students from Douglas County High School are anchoring newscasts on a weekly basis, and the hope is to eventually train and showcase more student anchors and reporters. “The Studio” is an “Office”-like show, which follows students who work on a fictional TV show, and is produced by students at Castle View High School. The district office looks forward to showcasing the work of students at all schools throughout the district in the near future.

The eventual goal of the TV station is to have a robust offering of content that supports the mission of the district. “My vision for the station is to run a lot of student produced content– from newscasts and stories to TV shows, to films, sports games and events,” remarked Randy Barber, the district’s public information officer. “District programming will include shows that are meant to inform the audience about what the district is up to, strategic plan accomplishments, and opportunities to hear from district leaders.”

Barber went on to say, “Channel 54 is the first step by the district to ensure that we are celebrating and showcasing the great things going on in the school district, while also ensuring that our leaders have the opportunity to give our students, parents, employees and community insight into their decisions and answers to their questions. The more interactive the process is, the better.”



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