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Gusto and charm

Julenn Lefgren Batchelor

By Joe Gschwendtner with photo provided by Brenda Colling

Julenn Lefgren Batchelor, 67, lost her fight against cancer on August 28. She was an active woman and Castle Pines North neighbor for fourteen years. Her impact on all was by example, and a driving energy infused her life at every waking hour.

Julenn came from mid-America. Council Bluffs marked the spot. She was raised with apple pie, hometown values, often in bobby sox. She graduated as an English Lit Major from the University of Nebraska. Met Jack at the Peony Park swimming pool, attracted perhaps first by his 1955 Ford convertible. We’ll never know….
After marrying Jack, Julenn forged a traditional life for three children, J.T., Joelle, and John. But Georgia Pacific moved Jack around to Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Colorado. As the children matured and finances allowed, her lust for travel grew, and Julenn traveled the U.S. and Europe, preferring ocean shores whenever possible. No journey was too distant.

At home, Julenn was dynamic. For many moms, raising three children successfully would be achievement enough, but Julenn also wove sales and service positions in real estate, microfilm, advertising, and the mutual fund industry into her busy mix. She was supremely engaging, known by all for her communications skills. Much evolved from her appetite for reading and literature, interests that she also brought to each of her children.

Julenn had many passions: golfing, professional sports, and raising dogs, most recently cocker spaniels. Jack was a compelling influence here and each joint diversion strengthened an enduring bond of love for 46 years.

Julenn’s life was exemplary and full. How has she paid it forward? How does best friend and husband Jack go on? How do we all face these transitions in some healthy way?

Had Julenn only a few extra moments now, it’s almost certain she’d tell us to chase our dreams with gusto. So, when the time comes, we’ll have inspired our own friends and family and have no regrets. I feel now as if I’d known her…..

Joe Gschwendtner



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