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Harmony Equine Center offers abused equines a refuge

By Patte Smith with contributed information from the Denver Dumb Friends League

The Denver Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center located near Franktown Colorado is now open. One of only a handful of equine centers throughout the county, Harmony offers a safe haven for Colorado horses, ponies, donkeys and mules that have suffered from abuse and neglect. The center receives and cares for equines that are removed from owners by law enforcement authorities. It is not a sanctuary for unwanted horses. It is important to note that this unique, private facility is open by appointment only.

“This long-standing dream was made possible by a very generous gift from Leslie and John Malone, longtime, loyal friends of the Dumb Friends League,” said President and CEO Bob Rohde. “Because the number of unwanted horses continues to rise, the need for this center has never been greater, and we need continuing help from all of our donors.”

Many of the animals at the center have endured incredible abuse and require medical treatment and rehabilitation. They are victims of starvation, untreated injuries and debilitating illnesses. First-rate care is provided for these animals at the center and an experienced staff of professionals are on hand seven days a week.

“Our commitment to animals extends beyond household pets,” said Rohde, “but it hasn’t been feasible for us until now. We want to alleviate suffering, and it is our hope and desire that many of these horses will be rehabilitated and placed with new, responsible owners.”

One such lucky horse is Natalie, a draft mare that law enforcement authorities seized last year. Natalie, who had been restored to health at the center, was just what the doctor ordered for Toody and Lars Lundin, whose much-loved Belgian had died leaving them greiving. They heard about Harmony and decided to apply and go through the adoption process. They passed the adoption process with flying colors, and now Natalie has a new and loving home.

The center can house up to 100 horses at a time in well-equipped barns on 140 acres of pasture. It is supported through donations from individuals and foundations that can help provide these beautiful animals with a life of love and caring in a humane setting. There is no government funding.

Join horse, donkey, mule and pony lovers for a first-hand look at this remarkable place during the Equine Center Open House & Adoption Day on Saturday, June 16 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Bring friends and family to visit the new Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center. Guided tours, food and refreshmentswill be offered, but the most special part of the day will be looking at the horses available for adoption. No RSVP is required for the open house.

The center is located at 5540 E. Hwy. 86, Franktown. For more information about the DFL Harmony Equine Center and how you can help, visit or call 303-751-5772.

Natalie with at her new home in the mountains with Toody and Lars Lundin

Horses who have been rescued from abuse romp at the new equine center.



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