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Hit me baby one more time! Ladies Poker Night in Castle Pines

The Stacked – Ladies Poker Night group enjoyed a fun night out building friendships while trying to bet, raise and call their way to winning hands of Texas Hold ‘em.

By Elise Brassell; photo courtesy of Deanna Locke

Ladies night out in Castle Pines is taking on a new meaning for a group of women who have found a fun way to get together to build friendships and try something different. It’s not a book club, bunko, dining out or even a night of dancing. When Castle Pines resident Deanna Locke thought about what she wanted to do for a ladies night out, images of kings and queens must have danced in her head. Not the kings and queens of British royalty; the kind that can help you win a hand of poker!

This past September, Locke started a group called Stacked – Ladies Poker Night, to begin a new ladies night out tradition. “I moved to Castle Pines and wanted a way to get together with the neighbors and have some unconventional fun! The group is just for women, and we’re having a blast learning how to play together,” Locke said.

Once a month on the second or third Thursday, about 10 women come together to play Texas Hold ‘em with a buy-in of $20 per game. Texas Hold ‘em is a style of poker where each player receives two cards face down, then five community cards are dealt face up in three stages (known as “the flop”; “the turn” or “fourth street”; and “the river” or “fifth street.”) The goal is for each player to make the best five-card poker hand they can from any combination of the five community cards and the two cards dealt to them.

Locke envisions that as the group grows over time, the Stacked players will expand to play on more than one table so that as players are eliminated from the game, they can continue to play.

Stacked welcomes new players and someday, “We’ll practice our poker faces and maybe invite the guys over for a tournament,” Locke said.

Locke lives in the Ventana neighborhood with her husband, three children and three dogs. To join the group or ask questions about Stacked – Ladies Poker Night, send an email to



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